About this blog superyachtchef.blog

My name is Mark originally from the Uk, most of my professional life I have been involved in catering and many of my friends know me as “Cheffy mark” I have been working on super yachts since 2009 mostly in the galley.

I have started this blog to record my daily menus and show case my work also to share my ideas and menus with other chefs “share my recipes “ I can hear some chefs saying ?? Well I am not like that sorry and happy to share the passion and love of what I do, if this blog can help chefs provide a better healthier more adventurous repertoire for the crew and guests then that can only be a good thing.

You’ll notice I talk about crew before guests ! Don’t get me wrong owners and guests pay the wages and are most important but they visit generally for short periods and most of the time know what they want ! Not always I agree how ever keeping the crew happy all year round or even over a long season can be challenging ?

I have been lucky to have worked on private and charter vessels catering for a mixture of nationalities over in the 9 years I have worked on yachts, my number 1 rule for clients is ask them what type of food they like and give it to them ! lease with the client daily and discuss in detail what they would like for that day or perhaps the following days, once you understand the dietary requirements likes dislikes then you can start to bring in other ideas they may like. I alway remember super yacht clients generally eat in the best restaurants in the world and have a fantastic knowledge of food how ever on Holliday they might just prefer a bacon sandwich or a dish their mother cooked for them ! 

Every boat is different I am currently on a 50M as sole Chef the vessel is not busy so I am lucky to have time to develop recipes and ideas and my crew enjoy trying new foods and ideas.

So that’s it a daily blog of photos of crew and guest foods with recipes or links to the recipe I have used to get inspiration for the dish ! As a crew we are enjoying raw food dishes at the moment so I am having fun creating and practising with raw dishes.

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