Why Raw
Believe me when I say I am not a vegetarian ! and up until recently I had no idea about raw food.

As a chef I have always tried to cater for all tastes of nationality and importantly worked to provide all my crew a well balanced diet, the odd vegetarian I managed to keep happy.

My most recent vessel how ever the second stew Kylie basically ate nothing apart from salad simple uncomplicated lettuce raw vegetables and some times some rice crackers ! to be honest I gave up quickly trying to feed her she seemed happy to graze the salad and veg fridge !!
So skipping forward in time to the end of our season my chief stew persuaded me to allow Kylie to show me some raw dishes !!! and yes I was surprised how simple and easy it was to knock some up but more importantly how the crew enjoyed them.

So I have embarked on a mission to learn new skills researching raw food and making my own recipes, just a note about recipes In My Opinion recipes are ideas and yes as written they should produce the desired dish, how ever as individuals we all have our own ideas about flavors textures and appearance to this end I have used lots of Raw recipies from other sources listed in my where to find inspiration page and with out these great books and web sites I would have not been able to start this great experience!

This Blog is a show case of my work as a Chef on a super yacht yes it centers around raw food but also shows what I am doing in the galley on a day to day basis, I hope it will help other chefs and all the dishes shown recipes can be found on the sight.

Just a note my recipes are written in a Chefs formate
Quantities may not be mentioned ingredients are suggested flavors spices herbs can be changed creating your own style flavors is what being a chef is all about ! Original recipes can be taken from the links to any published dishes.

So below is a quote straight from Russell James web sight I can’t explain any better and honestly adding raw to your every day diet does work I’ve proved it with a bunch of meat eating cave man like yacht crew ! “No offense guys” and girls !

“Quote from Russell James “
What is raw food?
Raw food in its purist form is about not heating foods above 42 degrees C (115 degrees F) to maintain the nutritional quality of the vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes in their most natural form.
Raw and living foods have their enzymes intact. Enzymes can be thought of as the life force of the food. They help your body digest the food and are a catalyst for every function in the body.
The most fragile of enzymes start to die off at that 42C/115F degree mark. So when cooking food, you not only denature those enzymes, but also some of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins.
The dictionary definition of Raw is:
Unrefined, unfiltered and untampered with.
Many people find they do really well with a high amount of raw food with the rest of their diet made up of ‘as raw as possible’ or ‘raw-centric’ foods. This means whole foods, unrefined, unfiltered and untampered with.
There’s a whole scale of ways to cook foods, from steaming at the ‘gentle’ end, to deep fat frying and the other. For this reason it’s not true to think of all cooked foods as the same, putting them into the ‘bad’ category.
Some cooked foods do release more nutrition when cooked. For example, cooking tomatoes makes the licopene more bioavailable, but destroys the vitamin C.
But if I put a raw apple and a baked apple in front of you, it’s very intuitive as to which one has more nutritional benefit.
For these reasons, I Iike a mix of both cooked and raw, with the emphasis on raw.
Everyone is going to find the right level of raw for them. Even with all the science about what should be working best for you, the ultimate measure is how you feel. General nutrition guidelines don’t acknowledge you as an individual.
And if you have specific issues, working with a naturopath or naturopathic doctor, who will be able to do blood tests and tailor things for you is the best course of action.

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