22nd Dong Hoi to Khe Sanh – First day on the bikes and an early start

Our first day on the bikes we got off the train at 05.30 !! And had the traditional pho ga breakfast Chicken and noodle soup.




So we got our gear on filled our water packs up and set off in the light but warm drizzle.


Via a beautiful private temple

and the Vinh Linh caves. This was a farming village which was carpet bombed by the yanks to prevent them from growing supplies for the vietcom so they dug a whole system of caves to live in !

Lunch by a beautiful beach near Cura tung.


Our first local lunch

Morning glory water spinach and other local greens stir fried with garlic
Sticky rice
Obligatory omelette
Fried squid with fish sauce garlic ginger
Grilled local fish

That evening we stayed in Khe Sanh.



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