25th HOI AN day off,cheap suits, street food

25th February – Hoi An Day Off – Atlas Hotel
Day off to have suits made as this place is famous for its suits dresses and shoe making trade.

A UNESCO World heritage site as it’s so well preserved as a traditional city.

Banh Trang Nuong, or Vietnamese Pizza, is a popular street food among young people in Vietnam. It resembles pizza with an assortment of fun toppings. However, instead of a thick dough as the base, you have a thin sheet of rice paper. Instead of tomato sauce, you have a quail or chicken egg beaten directly on top of the rice paper and spread evenly. The egg prevents the rice paper from burning, and it serves as a glue for the toppings. There’s no right or wrong topping. Some people like to add a Western spin with cheese and cut-up hot dogs. Whereas I like to keep mine very traditional with exotic Southeast Asian flavors, such as fermented shrimp paste (Mam Ruoc), dried pork, and Sriracha sauce.

Street food
Banh Trang nuong







Suits fitted, T shirts purchased, we pushed on early the next day heading towards Plei Kan.

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