24th HUE Imperial city then onto HOI AN

24th February – Hue to Hoi An – Late start – Atlas Hotel
Late start to allow a visit to the Imperial city the capital of the last Chinese Qing dynasty.

Stopping at the Dam an cu bridge



and then on for a fantastic fish lunch.


The selection of fresh fish was outstanding and the meal that followed did not disappoint!!

Vietnamese fish soup
This was very good and with the selection of fish on offer it should be lots of fresh herbs to finish this rich fresh soup.

Next grilled fresh oysters with a popular peanut chive coriander and chilli topping some of our group didn’t seem so keen Oh what a shame ….oh well thanks !


Next steamed clams !


Seafood noodles


Garlic chilli prawns


And the obligatory morning glory and rice of course

and also a whole baked Grouper


Morning glory water spinach and other local greens stir fried with garlic

Now I’ve shared the food photos – this is where we ate !!

These restaurants are built over the water and as you can see still being built!

After a very nice lunch some of the freshest sea food I’ve ever eaten. We set off up the pass made famous in the UK by TOP GEAR how ever this side we had fog but this cleared just over the top to reveal an amazing view of HOI AN



We set off to finish in HOI AN and a day off from the bikes.

We ate the traditional HOI AN pork dish CAO LAU as part of our meal with spring roles and the chilli dip followed by a baked fish in banana leaves with the obligatory sticky rice.


Cao LAU pork dish famous in HOI AN



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