28th February – Plei Ku to Ban Don – Homestay Second part of trial Arrested by police well nearly !

So we set off on the second part of the HO CHI Minh trial again we needed to keep moving because we were close to the border and 18 motocross bikes with mainly westerners would spook the border patrols so we couldn’t really stop !  !!!!!!!

A local on the trail it’s times like this you feel stupid on a fully blown motocross bike and the locals on mopeds!!


Victor our youngest guide having no respect for the local border police who after some time managed to stop us !

Locked up abroad came to mind but after some negotiations and some photos Vietnamese’s don’t see blond girls very often and ginger people are lucky – we had the full House in both departments so photos all round and we then we were on our way !

The back up vehicles got escorted to an army station in a small village by the border patrol army.  However, the two western occupants had the names Lee and Long –  very popular Vietnamese names so after some discussion with our local driver I would like to think this helped to letting them go on their way !

Doctor Dans frame Brock just behind the seat ! With in 1 hour it was fixed
Ting and Victor putting the bike back together after having the frame welded


The local mechanic working on a crank building it up by had with just a press balancing it by eye and like most local people he lived where he worked a matteress on the roof of the office at the back of the shop

Mean while we had lunch next door !



Arriving at the Home stay !

Đắk Lắk (Vietnamese: [ɗák lák] (About this sound listen)) is a province of Vietnam. The name is also spelled Đắc Lắc, which is more in keeping with Vietnamese spelling, and occasionally Darlac, but the official spelling is Đắk Lắk. It is located in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, and is home to a high number of indigenous people who are not ethnically Vietnamese (Việt).


This was one of the most memorable nights staying with this tribe in this home stay village, victor one of our guides told me Vietnam has over 54 different ethnic groups many indigenous tribes high up in the highlands this group is quite different as the femal is the boss the males father pays a dowry to the females family on marriage !

One distinctive feature of highland ethnic minority groups in Vietnam is that they are colorfully attired whether at home, in the farm, traveling or in their home town. Many ethnic groups elsewhere such as southern part of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, China, Papua New Guinea, and many other countries do not wear attractive clothes while engaged in their day-to-day activities. The clothing of one group is quite different from that of other groups and adds color to the social landscape.


Our Accommadation, no hot water but a swim in the river was on offer !

Unfortunately we did not have time to ride the elephants!

The evening was a BBQ and local rice wine which was infused with herbs and tasted like jager ! Followed by a tribe performing local dances and songs and as guests we were expected to reciprocate!


And after a certain amount of rice wine


Yes it was a good night !

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