A weekend in Bournemouth!




So as part of our annual   vacation we had a university reunion in the sea side resort of Bournemouth.

We all stayed in a charming hotel called the Living room a vintage antique B&B which is not only offers very comfortable and individual rooms but a very exciting breakfast menu and a amazing afternoon tea!FCDB00DF-7178-46EC-948A-7E0F1EF4674F

So as always  to start the day a quirky English style menu but it hit all the right spots with the selection of dishes on offer.


All the ingredients are sourced locally they open up the lounge to the public and judging by the amount of walk ins it’s very popular !

Smashed Avacado with chilli butter and poached egg
Ham Hock hash with slow cooked English and lots of onion and poached egg
Corn fritter Halloumi cheese fried potato hash and tomato
The Living room cooked with local sausage and bacon
Traditional Tea
The living room

So off on a mission to find old student digs and a university that is hard to recognise after 30 year. We returned to the living room getting out of the snow to a wonderful afternoon tea !

Sunny Bournemouth!
Warm soft scotch egg Heaven !!
Home made warm scotch eggs !
Savoury afternoon tea
So lovely smoked Spanish salami and ham, local cheeses, pork pie, pickles fresh crusty breads and sausage rolls
The Rabble
Sweat afternoon tea
The living room

All served with plenty of Tea or Beer, my only criticism would be with the amount of people a few extra cakes IE a victory sponge would of been nice I thought the sweet tea was a bit light how ever “ I do enjoy eating !!”

If you happen to be down that way it’s well worth a visit



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