About superyachtchef.blog

My name is Mark originally from the Uk, most of my professional life i have been involved in catering and many of my friends know me as “Cheffy mark” I have been working on super yachts since 2009 mostly in the galley.

I have started this blog to record my daily menus and show case my work also to share my ideas and menus with other chefs “share my recipes “ I can hear some chefs saying ?? Well I am not like that sorry and happy to share the passion and love of what I do, if this blog can help chefs provide a better healthier more adventurous repertoire for the crew and guests then that can only be a good thing.

You’ll notice I talk about crew before guests ! Don’t get me wrong owners and guests pay the wages and are most important but they visit generally for short periods and most of the time know what they want ! Not always I agree how ever keeping the crew happy all year round or even over a long season can be challenging ?

Every boat is different I have recently worked on a 50M as sole Chef the vessel was not busy so I luckily I had  time to develope recipes and ideas and my crew enjoyed trying new foods and ideas.

So that’s it I hope to publish what I am creating for crew and guests and share this experience this journey because you are always learning new ideas trying out new recipies and “as a captain is only as good as his last park a yacht Chef or any Chef is only as good as his last meal ! “